Fusion Massage Therapy


 What is the benefit of getting a Fusion Massage Treatment over a Traditional Massage Treatment?

   Traditional Massage treats the muscles of the body, it helps to relieve tension and discomfort. Fusion Massage (which is Clarissa’s specialty) is unique in the way that it uses intuition to connect to the wisdom of your body to actually understand what your body needs not only from the physical stand point, but from the mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual side of things as well so it goes far deeper than just the muscles. Getting to address the deeper aspects of what is presenting itself for you is where the magic comes in, and genuine healing can occur. 


What can I expect after my session? 


Often people feel very relaxed and can feel tired. The body needs rest for the full effects of healing to occur which is why most people feel even better 24-48 hours after a session. Please set yourself up for success and be mindful of what you plan for after your session! 

Will it hurt?

  A massage should be enjoyable, and it is our goal to make it the most enjoyable experience possible, while still being able to achieve an improvement from how you were feeling when you first walked through our doors! It may hurt a little, but only in the good way! Please let your practitioner know if it stops being the good kind of hurt. Deep pressure isn’t always the most effective massage technique, and a massage doesn’t have to hurt to be effective. No pain no gain does not apply here.

  What happens if emotions come up in a treatment?

 Then let them, your practitioner is not there to judge what happens in a treatment, they are there to support you in all aspects of it. If you feel like crying in a treatment, then cry, it is a completely safe environment to express and release any emotion you need to, and it is all part of the process.

  Is it okay if I fall asleep?

 Yes!! Please do if it feels right. Allow yourself the time to fully relax and unwind, this is a place of retreat, where you get to have full focus on your well being, and no phone calls, texts, emails, tweets or facebook messages can get to you! If you happen to fall asleep in the process, so be it! Snoring is fully accepted and allowed!

 Is it okay if I talk?

 Yes! Please do if it feels right! Remember that this is your time, and you get to dictate how it is spent. If you feel like talking, talk! Our practitioners are great listeners.

 Will I be fully undressed?

   Typically for Massage you will be undressed to your level of comfort, and we will honour what ever that means for you. It is most effective to have access directly to skin; you may leave your undergarments on,or anything else that will make you the most comfortable. We practice proper draping techniques so that the only area of your body that is uncovered is the area that is being worked on, so have no fear, you will never be exposed!

 Is Fusion Massage covered by my insurance provider?

   It is considered Massage Therapy and will be covered by your insurance provider, as long as your insurance company covers massage therapy!
You will be treated by a massage therapist with 2200 hours.


Intuitive Guidance and Coaching

 What do I need to do before an Intuitive Guidance/Coaching Session to prepare?

  Be clear with the questions you want to have answered or the direction you want to be given, it helps me be clear with the information that needs to be shared, and come in with an open mind. (You don’t actually have to share the questions with me) If you are having trouble deciding specific questions, just think about which overall area(s) you want guidance for. 

   Can I bring a journal or notebook or record our session?

 Absolutely! I highly encourage it! Often there is so much information that we can forget everything that was said, bring in which ever you connect with more. I always have paper if you need to take notes! 

 What can I expect from my guidance session?

  Each session is a little different depending on why you are coming in. To begin, I will take your hands briefly, this is how I connect to your energy specifically and create a clear connection to you, and then I will give you the information that comes through for you. You will then be able to ask any questions that you want, or ask clarifying questions. 

Are you going to tell me bad things?

  No, the purpose of intuitive guidance is to bring insight into your current situation.. The focus of a session is positive growth and to help give some guidance and understanding to what is going on in this part of your journey, and how to grow from there.

What if I am not intuitive? 

   Honestly everyone is intuitive, it is as natural as breathing, intuition coaching helps remind you how to connect back with your own intuitive voice.