The Testimonials

"My Session was blissful, enlightening and highly beneficial. The guidance and intuitive technique used by Clarissa fostered a new-found feeling of empowerment and compassion for myself. In the days since my session I have drawn on the experience many times and can honestly say my life is significantly improved. Change comes from within, and Clarissa's expertise, intuition and compassion has guided me into unlocking a new level of self love and inner peace I previously thought to be unattainable. I highly recommend Clarissa to any woman, at any life stage."   -Tanya R

"I was honored to have the opportunity to attend a session with Clarissa. I was instantly comfortable with her and the format of the session. Clarissa made it so easy for me to relax into the work we were doing - I trust her immeasurably. I found it valuable to have her insight into some unnecessary energy that was lingering and she helped to clear that early so that I could do what I needed to do for myself to have the best experience. This experience was incredibly helpful to me - I was able to understand a bit more of what may be getting in my way. It helped me honor my life and move forward. I cannot say enough about Clarissa's talent to help and empower others to heal themselves."    - Lana Wright

"I loved the concept of Clarissa's session and was excited to try it, but as a 'person of faith' I was curious as to what it would entail and how comfortable I would be. What I discovered was that it was absolutely perfect for me and where I am at in my life right now, and it re-opened some of the disconnect I've felt for years when it comes to my spirituality. It is a beautiful process that I believe fits you where you're currently at and I so appreciate the transformation and healing I experienced during our session. I have no hesitation recommending Clarissa and her services. Gratitude."      - SC

"I had my first miscarriage in 2008. After four years of trying to get pregnant again, I had a session with Clarissa. The very next cycle I was pregnant. I was 43 years old. My pregnancy was going along normally and I continued my sessions with Clarissa. Unfortunately, I had a car accident at 18 weeks and lost the baby. My doctor was wonderful and I was offered every resource to cope with my grief. However, I chose to continue my sessions with Clarissa, who used all of her gifts to help me with my grief and the healing process. It was a gut instinct for me. She works on the mind, body and soul and during that first year after losing my baby, it was tough, but with every session I felt a little better. As a lot of you may know, you never get over these losses but you find a way to move forward whilst honoring your lost angel(s). Clarissa is an amazing person with a very special gift for healing. I recommend her highly."    – Caz

"I have been a long time client of Clarissa, even before Omnia Wellness was open I was seeking treatments from her as a healer. I have always sought her techniques, advice and expertise when it comes to anything that ails me. Clarissa is a truly holistic practitioner and can not only
 combine eastern and western medicine to create a balanced and beneficial combination to help  with my wellbeing but she can also separate the two and use one or the other or both with  fantastic results. I have seen massage therapists, chiropractors, and even considered  acupuncture (although I have a fear of needles) and the only place I have found relief from  pain has been while working with Clarissa. I think that not only is Clarissa an amazing practitioner, she is also a nurturing, understanding, and completely open minded individual who has an uncanny ability to encourage people to open up and be who they truly are."
            - Kim N

"Clarissa is a talented and gifted therapist. She is very good at asking the right questions to identify the most effective treatment for the concern presented. She has knowledge of multiple therapies, and combines them effectively. Clarissa is very responsive to her clients needs and is always willing to alter her treatments to best suit the needs and desires of her clients. If you are visiting Omnia for a massage, Clarissa has strong hands and intuitively knows the pressure that feels just perfect during  massage treatments. The Omnia Wellness studio is warm and inviting, and there is always cool water or a warm cup of tea available. Even though I know there is a finite amount of time allotted for my appointment, I never feel rushed and Clarissa always has time to chat, if that is how you would like to begin or end your appointment."
            - Doris

 "How calm I feel and relaxed. How comfortable I am getting treatments done by you and how you are very knowledgeable in what you do. I believe that everything you offer is something that you stand behind 100 percent or you wouldn't be doing it and that is reassuring. Clarissa is truly a special individual. There is nothing like going to get a treatment and knowing that the person providing the service stands behind their practice 110 percent. I love the fact that when you have an appointment you are the only one there and are not interrupted by clients walking in
and out. Clarissa is truly amazing at what she does and I will continue to go to her for everything."
           -  Simmy H.