What I've Learned about the body from being a Massage Therapist

I have had my hands on plenty of bodies. Every single one is different. Literally Every. Single. One. I know that each of the minds attached to each of these bodies has something that they are uncomfortable and self conscious about. I understand I do the same thing too! But I want you to know that what you see in the mirror that you may not like, I can't see at all, not even a little bit.

Not once does it cross my mind that you have or haven't shaved your legs, that you've gained or lost weight, or that your body is anything less then the perfect house to hold your spirit.
It's my job to hold the space for your body to be exactly as it is, perfect in its imperfections, it is in creating that safe space that your muscles are willing to let go, that your spirit softens into its home, and that your energy begins to flow once more.

This is why being a gentle therapist often works the best for me and for you, we are so hard on our bodies, we push them to do challenging tasks, we disregard our natural alarm systems that say when it's too much or that we are too tired or that we are indeed hungry, and most of the time we do it all while telling it it's not good enough, fast enough, strong enough, slim enough, or fill in the blank enough. By caring for your body in a way that counteracts these ideas, your body can actually relax and start its innate process of healing, it stimulates the rest and repair functions that are vitally important to create a lasting return to a healthy and happy body.

If you're wondering what else you can do to assist your body in feeling better, take a few minutes in a quite space (if you've got a family and this is hard, the bathroom is any easy place to accomplish this, you can also do this in the shower - it is after all a place where you are caring for your body!)
Sit down, notice your breath first, you don't have to do anything about it, just breathe.
Shift your attention to how you feel in that moment - are you tired, hungry, thirsty, angry, content, happy, joyous, calm. ( you can ask yourself these too - how do I feel? Am I tired? And simply wait for the answer)
You can ask what you can do to make this better, or keep it going, or you can simply say thank you and keep on doing what your doing. It isn't necessary to do anything about the information that you've received, its less about overhauling your lifestyle and more about starting simple, acknowledging and honouring the voice of your body, and opening up the lines of communication and when you can, do better for it. When you can't, try to say nice things and be grateful to your incredible body for doing all it does!

The Universe Isn't Dumb

the hidden truth of manifesting and using affirmations

I could have phrased the title of this post as The Universe Is Smart, but I didn’t for good reason, it’s because the universe speaks in energy not in language. There is a lot of fears wrapped up in saying the wrong thing to the universe, and if we say the wrong thing, the universe won’t understand what we mean and will bring us the wrong thing, experience, person etc.

We’ve been taught or told that the universe doesn’t understand or hear ‘negative’ words like don’t, won’t, and never, but that is likening the universe to a human and diminishing what we believe the universe can do. Think about it, if you thought the universe didn’t really understand you would you have faith that it would be able to do anything for you? Probably not. If you believed that it was wise beyond your imagination could even grasp, that it worked on your behalf in ways you don’t even know about, that it understood exactly what you meant, and is always working to create experiences for your highest good would you have more faith in it?

We have a bit of an assumption that negative things are punishment for something that we have done, and the universe bringing us the exact experience we don’t want, leads us to believe that we are being punished, so we try to take ownership of the asking instead of the experience. We hope that if we change the way we ask for something it will change what our experience is.
The truth is, the experience is where the wisdom is, the experience is what we need, and if we think we haven’t received what we’ve asked for, we are looking in the wrong spot. In the movie Evan Almighty there is a scene where Morgan Freeman tells Lauren Graham “when you pray for patience, do you think God brings you patience, or the opportunity to practice patience?” If you want to learn how to be a patient person, you will have to learn how to put it into practice at the times when you are the most impatient. Often when we decide we want to work on something, we will find those challenging experiences coming into our lives way more frequently than before. That’s the way we learn. We learned how to walk by walking, and guaranteed there was falling, getting back up, recalibrating and deciding how to do it differently, and going at it again. So instead of making the universe wrong for what it has provided or yourself wrong by how you asked, figure out how the universe has decided to help you.

The other aspect of this is in affirmations. We try to change our energy and vibration to match what we want to bring into our lives which is a great idea, but to put it into practice requires more than just saying a phrase that sounds good. We have to be able to find the right statement that brings us a feeling that matches it, instead of using it to combat fear when we are feeling fearful. Using affirmations that are pre-written can be a great place to start, but it is really important to craft it to you, if there are words that don’t quite resonate and bring up the feeling of disbelief, this will not help you. If you want more money, saying I am rich while you have $0.02 in your bank account won’t work either, because you know what you actually have. It isn’t necessary to go from 0-100, from where you are to where you want to be in the end, you can start out with the desire to be rich, and begin an affirmation with I am aligning with receiving more money for my highest good, or I am no longer suffering financially, and as it starts to help you feel that way, you can shift it again and again until you get the desired result. If you repeat I am rich again and again with disbelief, it actually puts more emphasis and energy on the fact that you don’t believe it, and reinforcing you not being rich.

If the universe speaks in energy, and you repeat an affirmation that you don’t believe in, it will get lost in the sea of useless thoughts we have floating around our brain throughout the day, if you have tried meditation you will know how many of those we have in ten minutes. That is why the words aren’t as important as how we feel. If we can create an affirmation that moves us from feeling shitty to feeling lighter, better, happier and allows us to energetically align with the feeling we want to have we can start to create the life experiences we want. If saying ‘not suffering’ makes you feel better over ‘happy and content’ use it, and when it stops helping you feel better move on to something that does. And please, for the love of yourself, stop thinking that the universe is a bully who won’t help you if you don’t say the right password, it is way more aware, loving and incredible than that, and so are you.   

You Are The Work

A lot of people are searching for their singular purpose like it is a magical unicorn. With the hopes that when you find it, you will get the keys to the kingdom, all the wealth in the world will be yours, all of your challenges will cease to exist, and all will be well so you can retire and stop doing what you don’t want to, and live out your days in a blissful existence. This unicorn searching helps us to figure out what work we need to do to get us there, we start off with one concept or idea, then it turns into doing that work, then that other work, then this new work, never knowing which one is the best one to be doing or not doing. Confusing right? Do you meditate? Say affirmations? Spin in clockwise circles 16 times in a row? Follow Deepak or Louise? At some point someone you know has done something that has been labelled ‘The Work’ and has garnered them some level of success, so you will for sure try that out right? Because at some point ‘the work’ has got to work! It should be giving you positive results, you should feel better almost immediately, money should certainly show up in your bank account by the end of the day, you should be walking around like that blissed out hippy chick that you saw the other day, you should totally meet that really amazing guy who has all of the qualities off of your really amazing guy you’re manifesting list, your dream job should become apparent and the universe will bring you a job offer right away right?

So why isn’t it? Why don’t you have those things? Are you worried you’ve done it all wrong and the universe just isn’t listening because you’ve asked for something you don’t want instead of something you do?

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