Personal Bubble

You have a personal energy field, we know that it can grow or shrink depending on our thoughts and feelings. It can also get stronger or weaker depending on thoughts, feelings, environment or through entrainment. We can, however, work with our bubbles to keep our energy in and aligned to ourselves instead of being influenced.


Grounding is an incredible practice, and is something that is beneficial to do every single day. It’s the second thing to do (after breathing) if you’re feeling overwhelmed or are having troubles sensing your intuition.

Meditation Worksheet

Creating a Meditation Habit
The most important rule with this is: even when you miss a day or two or eight, don’t stop. It is totally normal to start and stop, think of it as an experiment – why did you have a hard time meditating? Was it the time of day, your schedule, the place? Or was it your mind racing and not shutting up? Or is it your expectations that you should be a Buddhist monk by now?

Universe and Earth Breath

Use this breath anytime a lot of energy is required of you – this fills you first and then uses Earth and Universal energy instead of your own personal energy.

Journal and Burn

This is the easy one! Whatever it is that you are working with releasing – attachment to someone else, an experience that was painful/hurtful/traumatizing, memories/experiences that have created undesirable belief systems, a bad f’n day – all you have to do is write without censoring yourself, because you are going to find a place to burn it immediately afterwards.