Grounding is an incredible practice, and is something that is beneficial to do every single day. It’s the second thing to do (after breathing) if you’re feeling overwhelmed or are having troubles sensing your intuition.

As you develop your intuition and become more aware of it, and others, you can become a bit more sensitive in social or public situations where you are around more energies (you may already naturally be sensitive as well) grounding is something that helps with that. Grounding also helps to give a clear path for excess energy to go, instead of just having it bounce around in our energy field, it can go back down to the earth, where it can become functional again.
- Sit down, take a few deep and gentle breaths and allow your mind and body to calm down a little.
- Close your eyes and imagine/think about/feel/sense all of your energy flowing down to the base of the spine
- Then allow your energy to flow downwards from the base of your spine, into the earth below you, through the floor, and down into the dirt, continuing through to the golden glow of the center of the earth
- Feel/sense/see yourself connecting with the beautiful, supportive, deeply grounding energy that is the center of the earth, if it resonates with you allow yourself to connect with Gaia/Mother Earth
- Take a deep breath in and slowly let it out
- When you are ready, bring your energy and consciousness that is now connected with grounded earth energy up through the earth, into the soles of your feet and through the base of your spine.
- Feel this energy go through your whole body from toes to head, shoulders to finger tips and out through the top of the head, then back down into the center of your heart and into your root chakra/hips, feel yourself fully in your body.
- Wiggle fingers and toes, take a deep breath and when ready, open your eyes.
As you practice this it will come quicker and quicker to you, and can happen in moments, but take your time in the beginning, and any time that you are feeling particularly stressed or frustrated or don’t feel a change, go through the full process.

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