Journal and Burn

This is the easy one! Whatever it is that you are working with releasing – attachment to someone else, an experience that was painful/hurtful/traumatizing, memories/experiences that have created undesirable belief systems, a bad f’n day – all you have to do is write without censoring yourself, because you are going to find a place to burn it immediately afterwards.

Say all the things that you wish you could say out loud or to someone else without judging whether or not you remain a nice person because of it, write how you are actually feeling about something, what you wished you could’ve said or done all those years ago, a belief system that you are getting rid of and what you are now believing.
Step one – write it out
Step two – stop judging yourself
Step three – write more now that you’ve stopped judging yourself
Step four – find a place to burn it safely. ( most preferably outside in a fire pit, but if you have to, in your bathroom over the toilet so you can flush it after – just be really really careful not to burn your house down and don’t burn a whole journal this way!)
Step five – burn it
Step six – breathe deeply (but avoid the smoke)
Step seven – make sure it is fully burned up, and is now safely out before leaving it.
Rinse. Repeat. As often as you need.
Sometimes really brilliant insights and ideas come from this – write down only the important stuff in a separate journal/place.

****be sure to burn the paper you originally intended to burn, or only half the process is done, trust me the burning is the most satisfying part****

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