Personal Bubble

You have a personal energy field, we know that it can grow or shrink depending on our thoughts and feelings. It can also get stronger or weaker depending on thoughts, feelings, environment or through entrainment. We can, however, work with our bubbles to keep our energy in and aligned to ourselves instead of being influenced.


Close your eyes and imagine your bubble
What does it look like? What is it made up of? Is the edge of it solid or moveable? What colour is it?
Imagine a challenging environment, situation, or person – now what does your bubble look like?
Is it allowing energy you don’t want in? is it allowing your energy to leak out?
What do you want your energy bubble to be made up of? What is a material that you consider strong? Is it steel? Is it spider webbing? Is it Plexiglas? How thick do you want it?
Imagine this material is now around the outside of your bubble creating a protective layer. Go back to that challenging person, situation, or environment with your bubble this way. How does it feel now?
Imagine now, that your bubble is filled with white light. How does that feel? Does it feel protective?
Imagine it is cloaked in black, how does this feel? Does this feel protective?

Play with this exercise as often as you can, see what colour or material works best for you for protection. When entering into a challenging experience, imagine your bubble this way to help set yourself up for a better energetic experience. If you find that you are feeling depleted or your energy is dropping in a way you don’t want, stop and imagine your bubble this way, and let it shift your experience.
Set your intention clearly as well. State that your energy is going to stay in and aligned to you and all other energy will stay out however it sounds and feels right for you.
*The more we are influenced by our energy instead of the energy around us, the clearer our intuition can come through*

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