Fusion Massage Therapy

60 minute - $120,  90 minute - $150,  120 minute - $200
*First Session 90 minute - $150 

Fusion Massage Therapy is a combination of Massage Therapy with various other holistic services (Reiki/Energy healing, chakra based healing, Acupressure, Reflexology, etc) and is intuitively guided. Massage is the best avenue for you to de-stress, unwind and actually relax, and it also allows my intuition to connect to your body, heart and soul’s wisdom and be guided by you to figure out what you need by means of healing. Each session will bring about new insights and a deeper understanding of what has been blocking your way from healing or moving forward in your life, or why you are experiencing reoccurring pain, dis-ease or repeating life experiences.
Each session starts with a conversation around what you want to focus and work on, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or energetic. The clearer you are with what you want to address in a session the more focused and clear my work will be, and the easier it is to address your specific concerns. If there is something we don’t discuss that your body needs to have healed it will come up in your session no matter what, the conversation however, allows us to co-create the best possible session for you. *the confirmation email sent to you will remind you to do this and give you some examples of areas that you may want to address.
I am a gentle massage therapist and enlist the help of energy work and acupressure points to create the most amount of change with the least amount of pain. We will decide which areas physically need to be focused on and address that with massage. My intuition will come into play through being guided to do what needs to be done to assist in the deeper levels and layers of healing, and allowing the wisdom of your body and soul to come through in message form for you.
Once the massage part is done and you are up and off the table we will go over everything that came up for you, what I was led to address in the energy side of things, what healings occurred, what you can expect in the next 24-48 hours, and any homework, books to read, practices to incorporate into your life that will be in alignment with the work we’ve done.

*Fusion Massage is covered by insurance companies.


Intuitive Guidance & Healing Sessions

90 minute - $150

Guidance, coaching and healing sessions to help you navigate your journey to connecting with your intuition, your spirituality, and/or your healing gifts. Whether it is for personal or professional needs, this journey is an interesting one filled with many experiences that require the clarification, guidance and support of someone who has walked this path already.

INTUITION These sessions are beneficial for helping you to connect to your strongest sense of intuition, and learning how to work with your specific gifts; clearing and releasing any fears and blocks that are preventing you from moving deeper into your intuitive abilities; providing clarity to confusing experiences; providing exercises, homework, and tools to help you hone your skills; providing loving support during the hard parts of the journey.

HEALERS (massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, coaches, therapists, acupuncturists, etc.) The healers journey can be a challenging one, these sessions offer support and guidance to help you follow your calling or passion in the best way for you no matter if you're contemplating starting this path or you've been in it for years, there are times when we need some healing for the healer. These sessions will help you refocus on what is important, give you steps to take to re-integrate your own self-healing practice (or start one), clarify where you are going and what your next step is, help you understand what is going on in your current practice, and identify, clear and release any blocks that you may have that are preventing you from being the best healer you can be.

SPIRITUAL SEEKERS Offering guidance, support and love for those on their spiritual journey. Drawing on various spiritual practices, teachings, and backgrounds to create a spiritual practice that resonates with you and allows you to freely explore. Great for people who don't resonate with mainstream or strict practices, have the desire to connect to their own spirituality (but may not know where to start), or have been on the journey and need some direction or clarification on what they've been experiencing. These sessions also offer profound healing as a by-product of walking the spiritual path.

Or a Customized session based on where you need guidance and healing in your life for any aspect of your life you want intuitive guidance with or direction on what you can do on your own to heal/change 

Living live authentically the way that you genuinely want to
Career changes, removing glass ceilings, becoming a heartrepreneur
Manifesting abundance
Getting in tune with your spirituality and intuition
Clarity on relationships – to yourself and to others
Living as an Empath (a person highly sensitive to energy, people, surroundings) in a healthy way
Identifying and removing blocks and limiting beliefs that may be undermining what you want to accomplish in life
Pain/dis-ease – giving your body a voice and creating awareness of the mind-body connection

These sessions can help you to:

Heal your past and empower your present
Own who you are from an authentic and confident place
Accept, embrace and celebrate your authentic self
Be compassionate and loving to others without giving away your power
Receive (love, compliments, money, etc.)  with ease, joy and gratitude instead of guilt
Heal and strengthen your relationship with yourself, with money, and with the divine 
Say no to everything that isn't a sacred yes for you
Live from your heart instead of your head 
Implement an awesome self love and self care practice 
Create a doable, meaningful, and powerful spiritual practice
Trust and follow the inner wisdom of your intuition
Create a life you truly love living that resonates with who you are and your genuine desires
Connect you to the wisdom and voice of your soul



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