Conscious Manifesting Workshop 

Investment $75

This workshop will give you an outline that you can use time and time again to consciously create and manifest what you really want for 2017. It will help you identify blocks that may be in the way, and give you actionable steps to overcome these blocks and help set you up for success. Manifesting is really a magical process, these are the keys to aligning with that magic!!

Trust Your Intuition 4 Week Workshop Series

Upcoming dates: TBA
Investment - $150 

Session #1 the foundation - understanding seeing, hearing and feeling in clear and grounded way, figuring out how your intuition comes through in the best way. Addressing fears and blocks that are between you and trusting your intuition.
Session #2 The Yes and No's - understanding how to ask effective questions and ACTUALLY RECEIVE CLEAR ANSWERS!
Session #3 The secret language of intuition - find out what the role of judgement, jealousy and pain play in your inner voice communicating with you (it's actually awesome!) and learning how to interpret your body signals when it comes to pain and using intuition for self care and creating a healthy lifestyle!
Session #4 Protection - how to stop picking up what everyone else is throwing down, energetically speaking. This is especially for those who are sensitive to the energies and emotions of those around them! 


Monthly Meditation

Monthly Guided Healing Meditation 
No experience necessary, each session will start with a brief discussion followed by a guided visualization meditation that has intention of providing healing, insight and awareness, while providing you with tools to develop a meditation practice on your own!  
Time: 7-8 pm
Investment: $15



Explore the 7 chakras

8  week workshop
Each week we will be devoted to one of the 7 chakras, we will discuss what the chakra system is, how it affects you when it is out of balance, what to do to bring it back into balance, and the final day we will have a way to creatively connect to your whole chakra system and give you something tangible to bring home with you!
Next Workshop – TBD